Here at Constellations Behavioral Services, everything we do is based on Applied Behavior Analysis or ‘ABA’ for short. The U.S. Office of Personnel Management had identified ABA as an effective “medical therapy” for the treatment of autism spectrum disorders. ABA is the science of applying experimentally based principles to improve social behaviors. Those behaviors are defined in observable and measurable terms – with data-driven methods being deployed to demonstrate accountability. Our data collection gives us hard evidence to determine the best therapy for your child. It helps us monitor progress and definitively identify areas in need of further development.

Our staff is highly trained on the principles of ABA. Staff receive a minimum of 40 hours of training across a variety of concepts and principles, must demonstrate competencies across all teaching procedures used with children, and attend monthly professional development to keep them current with research and best practice. All staff are supervised by BCBA’s (Board Certified Behavior Analysts) with a minimum of five years of consultation experience in the field. 

Because the spectrum of autism and other developmental delays is extremely large, each program is created to specifically meet the needs of each individual learner. Our therapy uses principles such as reinforcement, shaping, prompting, fading, and motivation. Commonly used methodologies include, but are not limited to:

  • Discrete trial teaching
  • Verbal behavior methodology
  • Pivotal response training
  • Natural environment training
  • Incidental teaching
  • Social/play skills teaching

By using these and other research-based methods, we are able to formulate and develop a variety of communication skills, self-help, and social activities that can be taught more effectively and utilized in your child’s natural environment.

Through services based in ABA, the learner can create new pathways for functional communication, enhanced play skills, and improved social interaction. Learning is broken down into smaller, more manageable tasks with multiple opportunities for practice and generalization. We take the time to look at your child’s motivations and use them during our sessions to make learning as exciting and engaging as possible! 

In-Network with Tricare North (Healthnet Federal Services), United Behavioral Health and Harvard Pilgrim. Successfully processing claims for many Blue Cross Blue Shields across the country.