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Here at Constellations Behavioral Services, everything we do is based on Applied Behavior Analysis or ‘ABA’ for short. ABA is the science of applying experimentally based principles to improve social behaviors. Those behaviors are defined in observable and measurable terms – with data-driven methods being deployed to demonstrate accountability.

How Can ABA Therapy Help?

Who We Work With

Whether it’s supporting schools and their local districts or servicing families at our Early Intensive Learning Centers, our BACB Certified staff works with clients to help identify gaps in services, programs, and competencies. We work with students to complement and maximize their existing programs, or totally re-design their plans to help meet their specific needs.

Who We Are

Our people are professional, personable, and above all else – effective. And we’re effective because we’re objective. Our staff of Board Certified Behavior Analysts act as the impartial member who keeps the family and school teams aligned. We put together behavioral plans not on a hunch or by what we think behaviors might imply, but based on data-driven and measurable information. Doing so allows us to evolve and adapt with the individual student’s needs and achieve the best possible outcomes. To learn more about our team and our leadership, click here.

What We Do

We help families and children with autism and developmental delays reach their highest potential by affecting positive behavioral changes that enable them to communicate, develop, and become more self-reliant. We meet this goal by using the research-based teaching strategies of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Thanks to ABA, we’re able to formulate data-driven, empirically proven assessments and behavior plans that are specifically tailored to meet the individual needs of every student we see. To learn more about ABA and how it can help your student, click here.

I love my team. We all work hard and play hard. We have a great time together. I love seeing the progress with the students and clients. Especially being able to see them grow and watch how far they have come along since the time that I've been with them.

Ashley DuBois
Ashley Dubois
Peer Coach

Working with the kiddos is the best. I laugh all day. I work with the best people. They are hard working, talented and so passionate. They love what they do and I feel like I learn so much from my co-workers and kiddos. Watching them daily, I am so inspired by them.

Emily Cocciardi Boutin
Emily Boutin
Peer Coach

I love working with children. I'm especially drawn to working with children with special needs and being in a school setting, I can develop new skills and generalize these skills with other kiddos who have different individual personalities. I wanted to get a more center-like feeling which is what constellations has to offer.

cailtin rowe
Caitlin Rowe
Registered Behavioral Technician