How Can ABA Help?

Help for Your Child. Customized to Their Needs

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is one of the most highly recommended, scientifically proven treatments for children with autism or other developmental delays. It’s been endorsed by a wide range of state and federal agencies including The American Academy of Pediatrics, National Academies of Science, The National Institute of Child Health & Human Development, and the U.S. Surgeon General.

In fact, studies of ABA have shown repeatedly that children have experienced improvements in IQ, language skills, and academic performance. Some have even managed to transition successfully into mainstream public school classes where they can learn alongside their peers. Most importantly, ABA teaches new skills and reduces common behavioral problems.

The Benefits of ABA are Numerous, including:

  • It makes learning easier – From simple tasks to more complex ones, ABA breaks the learning process into easy to digest steps. Each skill is taught by giving learners the chance to practice it over and over again until they can master and apply it in their everyday life.
  • It’s more motivating to the child – Because everything is research-based, therapists are able to specifically identify the kinds of activities a child enjoys and use them to motivate the child during interactions. In more simple terms, it’s known as positive reinforcement.
  • Demonstrates measurable progress – The cornerstone component of ABA is that it’s constantly being assessed and re-assessed to make sure that it’s working. If it’s not, collected data can aid the therapist in choosing a new direction for the child, making it seamless to adapt to the process and skills of your child as the interactions progress.
  • Has real world applicability – The skills taught through ABA are specifically taught in a way where the child can implement them in their everyday life.
  • It’s extremely parent friendly – With ABA, parents aren’t just along for the ride – they’re an actual part of the process itself. Not only will we be teaching your child new skills, but we’ll be providing you with the tools to better manage their behavior and reinforce the lessons taught both at home and in the community.