STARS Program

STARS (System of Transitioning Acquisition and Retention Skills) is a focused treatment model targeting social and emotional learning necessary to make and keep friends and interact meaningfully in a classroom setting. With a systematic approach, tailoring treatment to the individualized outcomes of the learner, skill targets focus on the successful progression from individualized learning to group learning. Therapy is planned intentionally to promote meaningful interactions between children to cultivate friendships. Clinicians work with the learner and their family to develop individualized strategies that promote relationship building, independence, and self-advocation skills.


As CBS looks to expand services, our transitioning students are an important aspect of this expansion. We often recommend that our students are contacting less service hours when the full day is no longer medically necessary, and these same students often need an increase in social interaction. Though these are our recommendations, we now currently have an option to support these needs ourselves. We want to support the middle ground between a full day at Constellations and independently starting school.

Meet The Team of Our STARS Program 

Barrington, NH


Danvers, MA